Are there any costs or fees in order to be represented?

No. Absolutely not.

Nouveaux Talent works strictly based on commission, taking a standard 15 percent of the gross amount earned. If the job was obtained in conjunction with an agency a 10 percent commission is also due to them making 75% of the gross amount earned entitled to the talent. Note: some print agencies take 20% instead of 10% on print bookings.

The cost of traveling to and from Manhattan for auditions will be your primary expense. Headshot reproductions will cost you money. However, being that reproducing them is your responsibility you are free to shop around and price out your options.

Talent under 5 years old are not required to have professional pictures, as they change so frequently.

What is expected of the PARENT of a child performer?

The State of New York requires that ALL child performers (minors under 18) have the following paperwork:

  • A temporary 15 day work permit can obtained on-line. THIS IS A ONE TIME PRINT OUT. Be sure to have ink in your printer! Parents must then send the renewal forms to ALBANY immediately after in order to obtain a YEAR LONG permit. Make sure you OVERNIGHT these renewal forms to ensure there is no lapse where your child is not covered to work.

    It is the parents' responsibility to renew the work permit and keep it current every year. It is possible to lose a job because of a neglected work permit!


    Watch a video for instructions

  • Minors need a blocked trust account in order to work. The types of acceptable accounts are UTMA / UGMA / COOGAN (not a simple savings account). The easiest way to obtain a trust account is going to the Actors Federal Credit Union. Make sure when you go in person to open account that you bring all necessary identification and forms.

    Link to application below

  • What is expected of a PARENT of children performer?

    Keep your child's paperwork current and email Nouveaux so we can keep this paperwork in our files.

    It is VERY important that you are easily contacted. The line of communication between manager and client must be lightning fast and deadly accurate. Busy signals and full voicemail boxes are unwanted obstacles for all parties involved.

    Be the responsible adult that your child is not. As in any line of work, you must show up when you say you are going to show up. Leave extra time for travel to assure you arrive at your assigned call time. You are scheduled at a specific time for a reason. Please do not ask to go earlier or later for every appointment you are sent.

    Let us know specifically if/when will be out of town and not available for auditions AHEAD OF TIME so we can avoid the uncomfortable predicament of submitting your child for a project that he/she will not be available for.

    Provide us with updated pictures including recent height and weight measurements.

    Provide us with any new contact information that may be available.

    Hopefully it goes without saying but here goes...DO NOT FORCE A CHILD INTO THIS BUSINESS :)

    What is the National Conference Of Personal Managers?

    Established in 1942, National Conference of Personal Manager members have vast experience and expertise in motion pictures, print, radio, television, and theatre.

    NCOPM members abide by a code of ethics which includes: having personal management as their primary occupation; dealing honestly and fairly with their clients; not deriving personal gains at the expense of clients; treating client relationships in a confidential manner; not encouraging artists to breach existing personal management contracts; being proud of the personal management profession.

    What email address should I use?